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“Happiness is homemade!” – Marco

Your hosts in the Dolomites. Hotels + 3 stars? Cristallo!

Marco is not only the host of the hotel – he is also a passionate chef and gladly whips up culinary masterpieces for his guests! Making wholesome homemade food is his top priority. He treats the precious ingredients with great care and awareness, discovers new combinations, is bursting with innovation and creativity, and serves the best cuisine that Gröden and South Tyrol have to offer. In his free time, you can find him out and about in the mountains on his bike. His motto for a carefree holiday: “We always have more solutions than challenges.”

“Forget the excuses. Let’s go!” – Dagmar

Your hosts in the Dolomites. Hotels + 3 stars? Cristallo!

Dagmar is the visionary at Hotel Cristallo. She not only has an eye for detail but also thinks about the future. She often gives her husband Marco a run for his money. She’s the creative driver and doer who adds a breath of fresh air to the hotel. Her pride and joy is the bar and lounge, where you can often find her. To ensure that everyone feels comfortable in the small, charming mountain hotel, Dagmar always has an open ear to listen to your concerns and those of the staff. You can always count on Dagmar – she is a woman of action and lends a helping hand when needed. Her spirit is reflected in her life motto: “Forget the excuses. Life is about taking action!”

“Courage to change” – Peter

Your hosts in the Dolomites. Hotels + 3 stars? Cristallo!

Peter counts on his team to take the helm, entrusting them with more and more responsibility. You can often encounter his calm and patient demeanour at check-in. He knows his hotel like the back of his hand and is always there to answer your questions. His motto: “Change opens the door to new perspectives.” And he always looks forward to seeing things from a different angle!

“There’s always time for a glass of wine.” – Our team at the bar

Come on in! At our bar and in the cosy lounge in the conservatory, you can end the day with your drink of choice. A glass of wine? A cool cocktail? A sophisticated spirit? Let us make your evening extra special.

“Give every day a chance.” – Our housekeeping

Because perhaps it will be the best day of your life! To make sure that your room shines in all its glory every single day during your holiday, our housekeeping staff and our caretaker are hard at work: They make sure that your room is tidy and the facilities are in perfect order.

“The secret ingredients?” – Our kitchen crew

The secret ingredients are love and passion! And you will find plenty of that in our kitchen crew. With genuine, skilful hands, they put the finishing touches on local specialities and prepare your favourite dishes for you. And by the time you come to Hotel Cristallo for the second time, at the latest, we will know exactly what tantalises your taste buds.

“Happiness makes you shine.” – Our service team

What makes for really good service? The personal connection you feel. Our service staff pay special attention to this. With kindness and sincerity, they take care of you at breakfast and dinner and are happy to share their favourite dishes and recommendations with you.


Your hosts in the Dolomites. Hotels + 3 stars? Cristallo!
Hotel Cristallo
The XY Family // Via Dursan 84
39047 S. Cristina // Italy
VAT no.: IT03140910211
T +39 0471 79 20 99 // info@cristallo-hotel.it